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Three Surprising Reasons to Write Poetry by Rochelle Melander

Creativity is intelligence having fun. —Albert Einstein   Most of my clients write serious stuff, novels about tough subjects and nonfiction books with big ideas. Come to think of it, I’m usually writing about the darker parts of life. That’s why … Continue reading

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Write2Transform: Welcoming Spring by Rochelle Melander

Where I live, winter is sticking around like an unwelcome guest. My mood seems to match the weather this year. Walking the dogs yesterday, I dodged ice patches as the sky spit snow at me. Usually at this time of … Continue reading

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Questions to Transform Your Writing Life by Rochelle Melander

This morning when I opened my email, I was drawn to the headline in Cheryl Richardson’s weekly tip: The Right Question: One simple self-care tip to change your life. The question Cheryl encourages readers to ask themselves: What can I … Continue reading

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Art Can be Therapeutic by Kate Hopper

Happy Friday, friends! I’ve been writing to make sense of my life for years. In the past ten years, I’ve been researching and writing about how writing can help us to heal physically and emotionally. Today, Kate Hopper writes about … Continue reading

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Wednesday Writing Prompt: Positivity Journal by Rochelle Melander

In the Summer 2011 issue of Yoga International, Anne Dubrovsky profiles Anusara teacher Amy Ippoliti. In a sidebar, Ippoliti suggests keeping a separate journal for positive events in your life. I love it! Detail Success. Over the years, I have … Continue reading

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Write2Transform: Fierce Wonderings

In Ralph Fletcher’s marvelous book, A Writer’s Notebook: Unlocking the Writer Within You, he encourages readers to examine their fierce wonderings and bottomless questions. Today’s assignment, writers, is to make a list of everything you wonder about. What are you … Continue reading

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Write2Transform: Gratitude by Rochelle Melander

We’ve had a challenging week. My son and I have had a stomach virus. The weather has reminded me more of November than May. And today, right after I wrote and published a brilliant blog post (you’ll have to trust … Continue reading

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Write2Transform: Letting Go of Obstacles

It’s too hard. I’m not strong enough. I don’t have time. I throw these kinds of mental obstacles in my path all the time. I hear clients uttering these phrases, too. These words may not be true, but they do … Continue reading

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