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Wednesday Writing Prompt: Six-Word Scary Stories by Rochelle Melander

In September, I wrote about my work with Dream Keepers and the six-word memoir. This month, we’ve been back at the library writing six-word scary stories. Here’s how it works. We began by creating a chart with three columns: setting, … Continue reading

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Make NaNoWriMo Work for You by Rochelle Melander

Dear Writers, This Wednesday, October 31 at 12:00 CT, the Write Now! Mastermind class will be all about productivity. If you’re planning on doing National Novel Writing Month or if you just want to increase your productivity, come hear my … Continue reading

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Wednesday Writing Prompt: Planning the Plot by Rochelle Melander

Are you a plotter or pantser? Plotters plan out the scenes in their novels, pantsers fly by the seat of their pants. The saying comes from aviation. One can fly a plane two ways: using one’s instruments or using one’s … Continue reading

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Fifteen Minutes a Day Revisited by Rochelle Melander

Last fall, I wrote an article called, “Fifteen Minutes a Day” based on a wonderful idea I found on author Laurie Halse Anderson’s blog. She challenged writers to write fifteen minutes a day (WFMAD). That’s it. There were no additional … Continue reading

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Writers Read: Writing Books by Laura Howard

The bookshelf pictured on the left? It’s just one of my bookshelves dedicated to writing books. On the other side of my office, I have  a whole shelf of new writing books to read. And, thanks to Laura Howard’s great … Continue reading

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Wednesday Writing Prompt: Mining the Public Domain by Rill

Eek! NaNoWriMo starts in two short weeks, and I have NOTHING. Okay, I have a few ideas. But the time I’d dedicated to plotting and character building has been devoured by blogging instead. Thankfully, today’s guest post has some great … Continue reading

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The Collection Book by Rochelle Melander

Are you a collector? As a child, I collected rocks. I was so dedicated to my extensive collection that when we moved to a new house (which we did often) or a new town (which we did once), I packed … Continue reading

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Writers Read: Science Fiction and Fantasy by Rosemary Peek

Every time I receive one of these Writers Read posts, I feel like I’m looking at a big box of delicious cupcakes. My only challenge? Which book to dig into. Luckily, you can safely read every single one of these … Continue reading

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Writers@Work: 3 Ways Writers Can Make Money from a Blog by Nina Amir

Today I am delighted to welcome Nina Amir to the blog. She’s the author of How to Blog a Book and is joining us to talk about how writers can make money blogging! Now that’s the kind of information we need! … Continue reading

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Wednesday Writing Prompt: The Who by Rochelle Melander

Although I love a twisting plot, I tend to fall for books with well-drawn, intriguing characters. If the characters are rich, I find myself quoting them and relaying their experiences to my husband, almost as if they’re real people. I’ve … Continue reading

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