#NaNoWriMo Rescue: Try Exercise! By Rochelle Melander

2013-Participant-Facebook-ProfileI’m not talking about running or practicing yoga, though exercise and other repetitive tasks (folding towels or knitting) can help you overcome writer’s block. I’m talking about using one of those books of writing exercises you bought for a class or at a writing conference and never looked at.

As a nearly full-time professional writer, I rarely do any writing that’s not billable, or my family does not eat. But during National Novel Writing Month, I take the opportunity to simply play with words. When I don’t have any idea what will happen next, I do a writing exercise. It helps me keep up with my word-count goal and gives me new ideas for building character and developing my plot.

IMG_0816Next time you’re stuck, pull out that book of writing exercises—and do them with your cast of NaNo characters. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the secret ingredient your story was missing?

Your turn:


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