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Sick? Stop Writing and Rest by Rochelle Melander

Dear Writers, Happy Spring! After months of teaching sneezing, coughing kids at the library, I finally got sick. Last Wednesday, I came down with a sore throat and chills. I cancelled all my meetings—I didn’t want to make others sick—but … Continue reading

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Writers@Work: Building Reader Engagement on Your Blog by Nina Badzin

I’m delighted to welcome fellow blogger Nina Badzin to the blog. I met her through the blogging community and was immediately captivated by her enthusiasm and social media savvy. When we spoke (virtually, of course!), I learned that we share … Continue reading

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Writers Read: The Happy Writer—An Oxymoron? By Sylvie Kurtz

I’m delighted to welcome Sylvie Kurtz to the blog today. We met on Twitter (of course!), where she tweets great writing tips and tools. I recently learned that we share a passion for positive psychology. In today’s Writers Read post, … Continue reading

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Writers Read: The Stories that Don’t Make Sense by Jocelyn Koehler

Our Friday Writers Read posts give authors an opportunity to write about the books that inspire their work. Today, Jocelyn Koehler writes about the enigmatic and engaging world of fairy tales—contemplating how we make sense of the stories that don’t … Continue reading

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Writers Read: Books to Stimulate Your Brain by Bob Sitze

I met Bob many years ago, when I was a graduate student. Over the years he has served as my mentor, friend, project manager, fellow author, and book recommender. Then as now, he never fails to surprise me with his … Continue reading

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How Tai Chi Can Improve Your Writing By Mark L. Fuerst

I’m delighted to welcome Mark L. Fuerst to the blog today. He’s a fellow member of ASJA and an award-winning health and medical writer. With 11 books under his belt, Mark knows what he’s writing about. And in this post … Continue reading

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Writers Read: Female Protagonists who Rock Fantasy Novels by Hannah Johnson-Breimeier

I’m thrilled to welcome one of my favorite Boswell Book Company‘s booksellers, Hannah Johnson-Breimeier, to the blog. She’s writing about one of my all-time favorite book categories: young adult fantasy with strong protagonists! Enjoy! Writers Read: Female Protagonists who Rock … Continue reading

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Writers Who Speak & Speakers Who Write: One Certified Speaking Professional’s Strategy for Staying “Booked” by Mandi Stanley, CSP

I met Mandi Stanley this summer at the Mississippi Writer’s Guild Conference. She gave a brilliant talk on how to wow an audience. Immediately, I knew that my blog readers needed to hear her tips. Read on to learn her … Continue reading

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Five Writing Tips Inspired by Jane Austen by Jane Nardin

I’m delighted to welcome author and professor Jane Nardin to the blog who has brilliant advice for us from Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice. Follow the directions below the tip to enter to win a copy of Jane Nardin’s … Continue reading

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Writers@Work: Prison Stories by Elaine Blanchard

I met Elaine Blanchard in 2006 at Washington National Cathedral’s College of Preachers. We’d both received fellowships to study writing. After long days of writing, workshops, and eating amazing food, we’d head out to walk the neighborhood and talk. Since … Continue reading

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