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Write Now! Coach and publishing professional Rochelle Melander can teach you how to:

  • Create a marketable book proposal
  • Brand yourself
  • Use social media to market yourself and your work
  • Use writing to attract clients
  • Conquer your writing fears
  • Overcome writer’s block
  • Develop your ideas
  • Finish the writing you start
  • And much, much more

Contact Write Now! Coach Rochelle Melander for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

During this session you will have the opportunity to:

  • Clarify your writing goal with a trained professional coach.
  • Learn at least one tool to begin achieving your goal today.
  • Receive an assignment specifically designed to help you achieve your goal.

Win Big with individual writing coaching designed to help you meet your individual writing goal. In the 6-session, three-month package you will: Name your big hairy audacious goal—and learn how to set writing goals that work! Create a writing schedule—and stick to it. Create a workable writing space and a system to keep it clean. Create a submission schedule—and follow through with it! Produce writing in the form you choose—articles, book chapters, or . . . ! This coaching package will teach you how to overcome: Writer’s block Scheduling challenges A disorganized office Self-doubt The nasty gremlins in your head!…
Is writing a book on your bucket list? Have you been putting off writing a book because:+you don't think you have enough time+you're not sure you're doing it right+you don't have a deadline or accountability partner I can help! I'm the bestselling author of ten traditionally published books and the editor of dozens more. I've been working in the publishing industry as an editor, author, and coach since 1992. In addition, I'm a CoachU certified graduate with training from the National Writing Project and The Center for Family Process. I wrote the book on how to write books fast—Write-A-Thon. I've…
Individual sessions allow you the opportunity to have Rochelle give you direction and coaching based on your specific situation and publishing ideas. Individual sessions are available at two price points:*$125 sessions include a 30-45-minute coaching call and verbal feedback on up to 8 double-spaced manuscript pages. *$100 sessions include a 30-45 minute coaching call.   Write Now! Mastermind 2015 Special Overcome Obstacles and Write Now! During this 45-minute coaching session, the Write Now! Coach will work with you to strategize simple and effective solutions to whatever obstacle you face. The fee for this special session, to be held between now…
Have you finished your book but wonder, “Is it ready?” Don’t wonder any more! Have an experienced publishing professional read your work and give you a broad evaluation. This type of critique looks at the large issues. How well does the book’s structure work? Are there missing pieces? Are there extraneous parts? I'll tell you what I think the potential is for your work and how to realize that potential. You will receive: A thoughtful reading of your work. A written critique of your book. A 45-minute coaching session. (A $150 value) A free subscription to Write Now! Weekly Writing…
The publishing business has become cutthroat competitive. You need a stellar proposal if you’re going to get an agent or publisher to pay attention to it. If you’ve written a proposal, don’t mail it until you check with the Write Now! Coach. She can help you shape a book proposal that sells.The book review package gives you: An in-depth reading of your work by an experienced editor and publishing professional. Written feedback. A 45-minute conversation to discuss the feedback and next steps. How much does it cost? A broad evaluation costs a penny a word with a minimum fee of…
Write your book proposal the fast and easy way—with the help of an experienced publishing professional. I’ve written nine books, hundreds of articles, more speeches than I care to remember, and seven successful book proposals. Out of all of that writing—my book proposals were the hardest writing I’ve done. Why? You have to wear multiple hats: writer, marketer, agent, publisher, and reader. There’s no real deadline. With all of that weighing down on you, sometimes doubt overtakes your momentum. This program eliminates all of those problems. As your coach, I will guide you step-by-step through the book proposal writing process.…
My clients find me through my books, blog, articles and ezine. Today’s solopreneur must write and publish regularly. And get this: it’s not the kind of writing you learned in school. Yup, that’s right—the rules for, say, a persuasive essay—don’t necessarily apply in this market. Do you need to know the new rules but are too busy to find them? Do you need help figuring out what to write about so people come to your site and buy your product or service? Do you need a system to help you write more efficiently? I can help.This is a three-session, three-week…
The Write Now! Coach and her team of expert editors can work with you to polish your article, dissertation, book proposal, or book. For a complimentary consultation, contact us. Copyediting Is your book done but in need of a thorough copyedit before you send it to the publishers? This service runs between $1.50 and $3.50 a page, depending on the amount of copyediting your book needs. Contact us for a complimentary consultation. Book Review Package Have you finished your book but wonder, “Is it ready?” Don’t wonder any more! Have an experienced publishing professional read your work and give you a…

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