Book Proposal Writing Package

Write your book proposal the fast and easy way—with the help of an experienced publishing professional. I’ve written nine books, hundreds of articles, more speeches than I care to remember, and seven successful book proposals. Out of all of that writing—my book proposals were the hardest writing I’ve done. Why? You have to wear multiple hats: writer, marketer, agent, publisher, and reader. There’s no real deadline. With all of that weighing down on you, sometimes doubt overtakes your momentum.

This program eliminates all of those problems. As your coach, I will guide you step-by-step through the book proposal writing process. You’ll have my expertise, encouragement, and regular deadlines to support you in starting and finishing your book proposal.

You will receive:

  • 6 45-minute coaching sessions over three months. ($900 value)
  • Written feedback on each part of your proposal. ($450 value)
  • A process for finding the best agents and publishers for your work. (Invaluable!)
  • A free 45-minute phone critique of your final proposal. ($150 value)
  • A free subscription to Write Now! Weekly Writing Tips. ($99/year value)

The Book Proposal Writing Package is available right now. Add each piece individually, and the program would cost more than $1500. I am offering it to you for $387/month or $997 up front. Because this program is especially intense, I can only work with a few individuals at a time. Contact me right now to reserve your place.

One-Time Payment:$997.00

Three Payments Monthly:$387.00


Rochelle Melander is not only a gifted writer developing her own ideas, she is also someone with skill to help other writers find their voice. As a University faculty member with a Ph.D, I have learned that I need someone who can understand the spirit and content of what I want to write about in my particular field. Rochelle’s coaching style and skills attended to my voice and ideas and worked to clarify and develop these ideas. If you want to write, seek consultation with Rochelle before she becomes famous and goes on Oprah.
—Jan Ewing, PhD

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