Write Now! Retreats

Write Now! Retreats for academics, executives, professional groups, and others who need a system to start and complete projects. Here are some ideas:

Non-fiction Roundtable. Each writing group member submits a nonfiction manuscript to the Coach and group members. Rochelle will read the manuscripts and facilitate a two-hour roundtable session for each one.

How To Write a Book Proposal.

Write Now! Weekend Writing Marathon. Rochelle will teach you the skills you need to get your book written in thirty days!

Help! I Have to Write a Dissertation! Rochelle will present workshop sessions geared to support you in getting your dissertation written fast! Your group can also add individual strategizing sessions to this weekend retreat!
 Fees begin at $1000 for a weekend retreat (plus travel, lodging, and food expenses).

Write Now! Individual Retreat

Create Your own Write Now! Retreat with the Write Now! Coach


[The retreat] gave me inspiration in several forms: this included you, Rochelle, reminding us that if we write three pages a day, at the end of year, we'll have a book! That was the kind of "bite-able bite" that I needed to hear. It put perspective on my feeling of hopelessness that I would EVER get a book done. That it seems "do-able" is a great mental leap for me, and I thank you for pointing that out.
—Ingrid Huebner, Fall 2006 Write Now! Participant

I LOVED having time to myself and time to write. It was wonderful to have a coach affirm my dream and the next phase in life. I wrote quite a bit, and it made me realize that I can eventually finish this book if I just give myself the time and permission to write.
—Anne Noyes, Fall 2006 Write Now! Participant

Well, where do I begin? I appreciated having a weekend committed to writing. The setting was great! And the conversation even better! I learned great skills to assist me in making writing a daily habit. I look forward to the next event!

—Sarah Lutter, Fall 2006 Write Now! Participant
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Rochelle Melander has been an asset to me as a writing coach. Rochelle helped me complete my outline and organizational structure for my book. Her coaching style is persuasive and enthusiastic, yet her critical eye is crucial to making the changes necessary for my book to be a seller.
—Wendy J. Terwelp, CEIP, JCTC, CCMC, CPBS Internationally Certified Career Coach & Personal Branding Strategist Opportunity Knocks™

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